What Happens When A 6 1/2 Foot Black Snake Finds Its Way Into A Photographer’s House

We all have that (when I found a snake in my house) story, but this one takes it to a whole other level and will make your skin crawl!

15 minutes before I leave work to come home I get a frantic call from my wife Natasha with high pitched screaming on the other end!

Apparently, the kids had left the back door open in our little farmhouse in a rural part of Missouri and a 6 1/2 foot black snake invited itself in and was currently slithering under the chest freezer in our hallway.

I promptly told her to load up the kids and drive into town and wait for me until I get home.

After I got home and did some searching, I found the intruder exploring in the boy’s bedroom. He was stretched along the side wall stretching over half the length of the bedroom!

Of course, when you catch a 6 1/2 foot black snake in your house you have to take pictures with it right?

It just so happens that I am a self-taught photographer and I just built a macro lens by reversing an old vintage Pentax manual focus 50mm lens on a couple of extension tubes.

This gave me the perfect chance to test it out!

I was pretty happy with the results!

While the fun was happening a very shaken Natasha had about had enough and was headed back to the house. Only she didn’t make it. There was an even bigger black snake between her and the door, 7-foot in length!! More screaming!

They must have been a pair.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to explain to the kids that there are good snakes and bad snakes.

But you don’t just pick up or play with any snakes because even the good non-poisonous snakes can still bite. Instead, if they see a snake, they should get away from it and immediately tell an adult.

After we captured them and got them away from the house, we took them to the woods and let them go unharmed. Black snakes are not poisonous and are actually quite docile and good to keep around because they keep the really bad snakes away.

Moral of the story. Keep your doors closed. You never know what might make itself at home in your bedroom!

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