Hello and welcome to my personal website/blog! I have many many interests and passions including photography, cinematography, CGI, music, woodworking and most importantly, spending time with my awesome wife and kids.

As of right now this site is a hub to all of my other websites and social media platforms where I talk about, teach and share all of the things I create.

Phillip Haumesser

This is my photography website where I share my work as well as creating tutorials and courses on photography and Photoshop.

Use The Blender

Blender is an open source (free) 3D computer graphics software that allows you to pretty much create anything your imagination can come up with, including CG movies and video games. There’s a bit of a learning curve though. That’s why I’ve created this website, to make tutorials that help you get over that daunting learning curve and jump into creating!

Virtual Composers

This is where I jam out! I teach how to create music of all different genres from electronic synthesized to pop to full orchestral movie scores! So come jam out with me, and let’s make something epic!