Tips for Taken Spring Photos

IT”S SPRING!!! Time to pull out the camera and look for Spring blossoms and flowers!

This article may be a bit on the short side, but I wanted to leave a few tips for taking Spring photos.


Flowers and Blossoms

Pretty obvious I know, but flowers and blossoms are pretty much the definitions of Spring.

Don’t just make them the center of attention though, but surround your subject with them and use them as backdrops.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to make them the center of attention ether. 


Beautiful Spring Light

Spring light is beautiful, but it can get harsh too. Early mornings or later evenings are the best time to shoot.

In the morning you get a beautiful blue and gold light. And in the evening you get a spectacular golden light.


Using Spring Colors

The colors that Spring brings are absolutely vibrant. Play with them and have fun with them. Try mixing up the colors with different outfits. Try color opposites or just come up with a palate you like.



Spring is one of my favorite times to shoot, there’s just so much color! 

I would love to see what you come up with! Post your Spring images in the comments below.

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