Bring the Bare Minimum of Photo Gear to the Session

I want to be able to move around as I please and not be weighted down by a ton of photo gear. One of my pet peeves is that I do not want to be restricted in any way shape or from when I am shooting. 

As much as I love the latest and greatest gadgets and photo gear, flexibility is WAY more important.

Here is what I take with me on my photo sessions.

Photo Gear

I actually bring quite a bit of photo gear with me to the session, but as I am shooting, I only have the absolute bar minimum on me.

My bag carries my camera and all of my lenses. I also have a very small bag with my backup camera and lens. Depending on the type of session, I might bring a tripod, but I rarely ever use one.

When I get to the session, I grab my camera with the lens I know I will be using primarily and I will also grab a second lens in case I end up in a tight spot. Usually, one that is a wider angle then what I have on the camera. 

I have little baggies that have clips on them so I can clip them to my belt loops. These are what I put my second lens into. I also have a baggy with three fully charged backup batteries and three backup SD cards as well as some cleaning clothes and a dust blower for keeping my lenses clean.

That’s it. I leave the rest of my photo gear in my camera bag.


Now that I am not wighted down with a ton of photo gear, I have the freedom to move around as I please. And move around I do!

I roll on the ground, wade through rivers and lakes and even climb trees to get the perfect shot. And not having all of the photo gear weighing me down makes that possible.


I hope this helps you to see that you don’t have to lug the whole studio out to each photo shot to get the perfect shot. Having good photo gear is great, but keeping it simple produces great shots.

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